Saturday, March 18, 2006

Pat May Be Right!! The End Must Be Near!

Lately, Pat Robertson has been in the news for spouting a lot of vile garbage. Nothing new there. But maybe, gulp...I really hate this....maybe Pat is right... this one time...maybe. There...I said it... hopefully for the last time in my life. Whew...what an awful taste that leaves in your mouth!!

Pat, and even Franklin Graham, have accused Islam of being an evil religion. I wouldn't quite go that far, but they do have a point. When a group that claims to be acting on behalf of Muslim people and following Muslim religious practices continues to use terrorism as a daily aspect of life and virtually NO ONE in there religion condemns them, what are we to think.

If these individuals are not doing Allah's work, then why aren't more Muslims - vast numbers of Muslims - openly reprimanding them for their actions. Standing by and saying nothing makes you an accomplice. I would think that letting a small group paint a negative picture of your religion would piss a few people off, but it seems only a very small few. What can Muslims expect the world to think? More people need to sound off like Dr. Wafa Sultan, but Muslims, not simple people of Middle Eastern background.

When the adherents of a religion stand back silently and say nothing while their religion is portrayed as a violent, evil force, perhaps they are, in fact, speaking loudly. Perhaps what they are saying is that they don't see a problem - that they agree with terrorism.

The deafening silence of this group lends support to Pat's statements. If he's wrong (and I truly hope he is -- I wouldn't want to ruin his losing streak), then Muslims the world over need to condemn the actions of a few and do it LOUDLY and CONTINUALLY. If they fail to do so, then we have to consider the possibility that the religion truly is evil and act appropriately.

As'salam Alaikum

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