Saturday, December 05, 2009

Women Starves Children Waiting on God's Help

Here is yet another example of people relying of God, instead doing the right thing.  People are buying into the idea that a god exists and will interact with their life to protect them.  I know that they are not the norm, but they are basing their decisions on this faulty religious belief system.

If this were me, I would be sentenced to the harshest possible punishment that the law allows, because I would not be doing this out of religious conviction (of course, I wouldn't be this heartless to my children in the first place).  This women, Estelle Walker, could potentially get 40 years if convicted on all counts.  We will see as this trial progresses if she gets a pass like the parents of Madeline Neumann because her decisions were based on her religious beliefs.

This country has a double standard when it comes to religion.  It needs to learn that, yes, we have freedom of religion and expression of that religion, but if our actions cause harm religious belief cannot be accepted as mitigating factor.  If you abuse your child, I don't really care what your reasoning is.  If you did it knowingly and willingly, then you should have the book thrown at you.