Sunday, November 22, 2009


Over the past few years, several cases of children dying because their parents prayed instead of seeking medical help have come to the public's attention (e.g., Madeline NeumannKent SchaibleAva Worthington, and Neil Beagley).  If this wasn't bad enough, now the court is showing it's favoritism to religion by handing down slaps on the wrist instead throwing the book at these monsters.  Instead of giving them the 25-year prison sentence that they could have (should have) received, the court handed down a sentence of six months in jail (to be served one month a year) and 10 years' probation.

This is absolutely ridiculous and gets my blood boiling.  If this were anybody else they would have put them away for as long as possible, but put religion in the mix and suddenly they back off.  Why?  Why does this country continue to show deference to religious systems that allow such cruelty?  Religion has not even proven itself to be real and yet we have to tiptoe lightly when the subject comes up and respect the beliefs of others.  Well I don't.  I don't respect any belief system that would allow such stupidity and suffering.

For once I find myself wishing that Hell were real because these parents and the judge that sentenced them belong there.

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