Saturday, October 28, 2006

Rush Limbaugh is an Asshat

I've always known that Rush Limbaugh was an arrogant ass who believes anyone that disagrees with him is an idiot. He makes fun of environmentalists and global warming despite the growing evidence. He has attacked drug users and cut them no slack until of course he was the abuser with his oxycontin scandal. He supports the agenda of the Right even when it's wrong. He acts as if he is holier-than-thou as most of his right-wing buddies do. But now he has really shown his true colors. Accusing Michael J. Fox of not taking his medications or of 'faking' his Parkinson's in a recent TV ad. Limbaugh not only made the accusation but he also imitated Fox's Parkinson's ticks. Rush Limbaugh has no respect for anyone but himself. If his actions are supposed to be representative of the Conservative Christian Republicans, then their claims of moral superiority are obviously a pile of shit.

Rush Limbaugh you are the definition of an ASSHAT!

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