Sunday, July 12, 2009

An Example of How Religion Spoils Everything

This is a perfect example of how religion spoils everything (see the story here).

The employer fires his employee because her religious viewpoints are incompatible with his, but she doesn't even express them at work. She doesn't actively promote her atheism at work, nor does she discourage the religious expression of others and yet somehow her employer sees this as a threat. He feels that he can't have this "negativity" associated with his business. Does he really think that his patients will no longer patronize his business if he has an atheist working for him even though she is not "proselytizing"? What does this say about his patients? Are they so threatened, so unjust as to leave a doctor they have trusted and relied on simply because of unspoken religious beliefs?

As an atheist, I would never fire an employee for their religious beliefs if they were not bringing it into the workplace and confronting clients with it.

So much for that Christian love.

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