Tuesday, October 27, 2009

God Knows

God, according to most religions including Christianity, is all-knowing. If a god exists, it knows why I don't believe in it. It knows exactly what I find troubling about the various religious definitions of and explanations for god. It should also know exactly what information or experience that I would require to be convinced that he/she exists. So far, this invisible sky-god has chosen not to do so. Apparently, this god doesn't exist or doesn't want me to believe or is incapable of doing so.

If the god is not capable, then it's not much of a god. If the god chooses not to reveal this information, then how could it be considered compassionate or just, since it knows that I am doomed to eternal damnation?

I know that some would say, "but it has been revealed to you, you are just closed to it". Bull. The kind of information and god that I am talking about would make it impossible for me to not believe in its existence. And this is not an issue of free-will since, believing in a god's existence doesn't mean that I would necessarily worship this god - far from it.

If I were provided that evidence right this second, I would believe, put God would still have a lot of questions to answer and I highly doubt that I could worship this god given everything I know about its cruelty and injustice.

If god exists and has the capabilities ascribed to him/her, then apparently god wants to me to be an atheist.

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