Friday, October 23, 2009

Minnesota's Golden Gopher "Mocks" Praying Player

As an atheist, I have to agree that this was disgraceful. No, not the gopher, the praying player. I find it absurd that players have to publicly broadcast their religious beliefs in such a flagrant manner. Would it be acceptable if I went to the end zone and said "I'm so happy I don't believe in you, God."?

What about when players have to look to heaven and thank god after every play? I love to watch Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers play ball, but I want to cringe everytime he "thanks god" after every play. Come on, do you really think that god is making sure that you don't get hurt or that you succeed on every play?

I think this kind of demonstration and thinking about religious expression is so arrogant and demeaning to humanity.

Arrogant because these individuals appear to believe that god is going to take time out of his day to ensure that they do well or at least don't get injured, but he apparently can't be bothered to stop children from being raped and beaten or dying of hunger and disease every single day. Apparently they think sports ranks higher than human welfare to god.

And it's demeaning to humanity when everything good that happens is attributed to god, while everything bad is either due to human weakness or Satan. Take a little pride in what you do. These athletes excel because of genetic gifts and damn hard work, not divine intervention. Every time god gets the credit for what man has sweat and toiled for, it cuts us down just a little bit more. But then that is the message of religion, isn't it: Man is worthless and requires redemption through god. It's a very negative view of humanity - and they call us atheists pessimistic.

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