Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why are we here? - Part III

Just to follow up on an issue related to our supposed 'Perfect God'.

Consider the end result of the whole process described in the bible.
  1. God creates universe and man.
  2. God destroys mankind, plants, animals (except for Noah and company).
  3. God and man continue to kill, maim, rape, etc... until Jesus comes back.
  4. Jesus comes back. All the saved go to heaven. All the rest go to eternal damnation.
  5. God and the saved spend eternity together.

Create it all, gather some back, destroy it all. What's the point? Why cause all of that suffering? God's Great Plan!

What plan could possibly justify all of the destruction? Why would God need any of this if He is perfect? He didn't do it for us, we didn't exist in the first place!

Now what? Start it all over again?


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