Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why Do You Atheists Care What We Think?

Why? Because we love you. Seriously. Or more correctly, because we care about humanity in general. We care about how people are treated and whether or not their rights are being trampled on. We care about the education of our children and the science that may help them to live longer, healthier lives.

So what does that have to do with the beliefs of others? The beliefs of others often limit or deny rights to others for no valid reason, but simply because of religious dogma.

How much have gay and lesbian individuals suffered because of people applying biblical edicts against homosexuality? We continue today to deny them access to marriage, because of a belief in this ancient "Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve" concept.

How many people will die because of AIDS and how many teens will be burdened with unwanted pregnancies because of religious intervention to stop the use of contraception and the spreading of lies about its effectiveness?

How many people of good character are denied jobs or the opportunity to hold public office because of unfounded beliefs that atheists are immoral?

How many children will be lied to about evolution in order to protect the doctrine of biblical creation; a doctrine in capable of defending itself? How much will science suffer because of the backwards thinking related to evolution and how much will society suffer because research related to this topic and others like stem cell research are underfunded in order to cater to particular religious beliefs?

As atheists and humanists we have to stand up against injustice and its source, so we fight back against the religious beliefs that support this kind of unfair treatment.

If you simply believed in a god and didn't try to impose your particular religious beliefs on the rest of us, we would probably not have an issue, although we might wish you thought otherwise about religion. But unfortunately, your beliefs inform your actions - you can't help it. So when you vote or support a cause, the religious viewpoint is always a part of it. That is why we care about what you think, because what you think translates into what you do. And what you do is often unjust and dangerous to the rest of us.

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