Monday, November 23, 2009

Free Speech in Opposition To Religion - As Long As It's Not Mine.

The ACLJ (The Angry Christians League of Justice) is all fired up about the UN “Defamation of Religion” Resolution and so am I.  I agree with them that this would be a bad idea.  It limits free speech which is the cornerstone of our Constitution.  They want to remain free to attack Islam as much as they want – and they should be able to.  Heck, I’ll even join them in that fight. 

But this same group also supported the PERA Act ("Public Expression of Religion Act") which essentially would have silenced advocates of Church - State separation.  PERA would have made it prohibitively expensive to bring a lawsuit for violations of Church – State separation due to the requirement to eliminate reimbursement for court costs when the plaintiff actually won the case!  It would have denied people the ability to bring lawsuits when their rights were violated because they would have to pay for court costs even if they proved that their rights had been violated.  It, in effect, would have removed their ability to speak freely about certain religious issues.  Fortunately, this bill never became law.

I would find it laughable, if it wasn’t such a serious subject.  Essentially, the ACLJ is fine with limited disagreement with Christianity, but oh boy don’t you dare keep us from bashing Islam.  It’s hypocrisy at its finest.

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