Monday, November 23, 2009

Show Yourself

God, if he exists, has the knowledge to determine exactly what it would take to convince me of his existence.  He has the power to make it happen, whatever it may be.  And yet, curiously, he refuses to do so.  Some Christians would insist that he has already done this and I have just ignored it.  I doubt it.  I don’t think I could miss the kind of evidence that I would require.  The whole planet would know if God demonstrated his existence in a manner that I would accept as proof.  

Others would say that it would violate my free will if he interfered and that I must come to him on my own.  Bull.  Providing real evidence of his existence WOULD make me a believer, I agree; but only a believer in the sense that god exists.  It WOULD NOT make me a follower; I would still have my free will to reject his message- and believe me I would.    His message is one of cruelty and injustice, nothing even close to what a “God” should be.  I am more moral than the god of the Bible and so is almost everyone on the planet (maybe there are a few as bad as him, maybe).

So what is he so afraid of?  He can’t violate my free will and I already reject his message, so that can’t be it.  Why doesn’t he prove he exists if he really loves me and wants me to join him in heaven?  Because, he doesn’t exist.

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