Monday, November 30, 2009

Gay Hating Christians Help Spread the Love in Africa

A bill currently under consideration in Uganda would make a life sentence the minimum punishment for anyone convicted of having gay sex.  Any "serial offenders" or anyone HIV positive would be given the death penalty.  Of course, these evangelic groups are doing everything they can to stop condom use, so HIV is more of a problem than it should be.  If this sounds like something that the Religious Right in the US would like, you're not far off.  If there antics aren't bad enough in the US, the "compassionate" Fungelicals are spreading their love to Africa.  Key speakers at a March 2009 conference in Uganda were - you guessed it - US evangelists.

When are these people going to wake up?  We have far more pressing issues in this world (e.g., poverty, terrorism, education) than finding out who is fucking whom and what kama sutra position they are using.  If you want to do something useful, something meaningful and constructive - GET OUT OF OTHER PEOPLES BEDROOMS!

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