Friday, November 20, 2009

Twenty Five Years Too Late, Oprah

Oprah has announced that after 25 years her talk show will end its run in 2011.  It's about time.  I have no doubt that Oprah is well meaning and has had the best of intentions while hosting her show, but she has been the single biggest showcase for alternative medicine nutjobs and other purveyors of nonsense.

People like "psychic medium" James Van Praagh "communicating" with the dead, Jenny McCarthy with her anti-vaccination propaganda, Suzanne Somers and bizarre and dangerous cancer cures, and Rhonda Byrnes with the wishful thinking of "The Secret" are but a small sampling of the guests that Oprah has unashamedly promoted on the show.  The misinformation that these guests spout ranges from laughable to the outright deadly.

Oprah has made billions with the show, magazine, and other ventures benefiting from the gullibility of her audience.  She has taken no responsibility for the dangerous trash that these guests have tried to sell to the American public.  But you are responsible Oprah.  You have built an empire and have great wealth and power.  To quote Uncle Ben Parker (of Spiderman fame): "With great power comes great responsibility."  It's time that you start recognizing the impact that you have and take the appropriate actions to ensure that you are not endangering the lives of your fans by supporting these wackos on your show.

Goodbye Oprah.  It's 25 years too late, but goodbye and good riddance.

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